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 CRM Software Demos:

  Data Quality for   PeopleSoft 7

  Data Quality for   PeopleSoft 8 Address   Cleansing

  GoldMine Mobile Demo

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  Microsoft CRM Overview

  Microsoft CRM sales

  Microsoft CRM service

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  Tivoli Siebel Demo

  ACT! new users demo

  ACT! existing users

  PepleSoft Demo Demo

  GoldMine Demo

CRM Software Demos:

Discover more about CRM software with our CRM software reviews. Try the $99 diagnostic to have us assess your current CRM system. We can also provide you with a CRM comparison audit to let you see how each application stacks up against competitive offerings and help you choose the right CRM tool or software upgrade. If your organization will be dependent on the productivity of your CRM software, then our assistance is a necessity to ensure you're making the right choices. We also offer CRM training and support.

We have CRM software demos for Goldmine CRM, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce CRM, IBM Siebel CRM ACCPAC and SAP CRM.



Comparing CRM Solutions

The CRM software market is crowded with applications that may or may not work for your organization. To help you understand the strengths and limitations of available CRM Software applications, CRM has some reviews of CRM tools including several of the best known options. It definitely is a high involvement decision process to choose the right one. A few sales managers have chosen to stick with old CRM tools or to choose one based on a limited set of criteria. The result is a system that is too costly and doesn't deliver the needed results.

We are CRM Consultants and can help you understand your system's current problems and advise on CRM software solutions that are right for you. If you'd like to read up on these applications yourself, we have animated demos and whitepapers for your review. If not, give us a call at (310) 943-6449. We'll be happy to help you

Choosing the right CRM solution is hard. There are many factors to consider:

  • Your business needs vs. Feature set
  • Your ROI vs. Implementation time
  • The number and types of users vs. CRM scalability
  • Your budget vs. CRM software price
  • Technical competence of your team vs. Ease-of-use factor
  • Integration with other systems and databases
  • Customization needed to fit your business
  • Workflow and Processes support
  • Specific needs, such as generating quotes or special reports

This list can go on. CRM Comparison provides you with enough information to make an educated decision: what will fit your business the best. You can explore brands comparison charts yourself or contact us with more specific questions.

Available CRM Comparisons:

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Compare CRM costs for the Midsize Business:

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   Q: What are the most pressing
   technology issues for your

   Getting more useful reporting for
   decision making - 32%

   Replacing aging hardware - 29%

   Increased use of the Internet -

   Finding skilled technical staff -

   Lowering infrastructure costs -

   Integrated multiple systems -

   Upgrading to more functional
   business management software to
   accommodate growth - 24%

   Receiving ROI from your
   technology purchases - 24%

   Establishing customer relationship
   management systems - 22%

   Improving telephone
   infrastructure - 19%

   None - 14%

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